Match two random pictures

Asked by Matte proffsman on 2019-12-14

Hello, ive got simple logic in mind that i just cant figure out how to put on paper, please send immediate help.

Heres how it looks on screen:

Line1 (Randompic1), (Randompic2), (Randompic3)

Line2 (5 random pictures which 3 look the same as pic1, pic2, pic3)

The scenario is, 3 random pictures show up in Line1. Which i then need to click in the exact order in Line2 (basically find line1 Randompic1 in line 2 and click it. Then pic2, then 3)

The logic im thinking might be: in Line1 create seperate regions for pic1, pic3 and pic3

Then make a region for the whole of Line2. Tell the script to first find pic1 in line2, click on it, then find pic2 in line2, and lastly pic3.

Im super new to coding. Id love some help on either coding this, or how to Google the information that i need, im totally lost. Thanks

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

Do you have an example screenshot or is it even a public web page?

Having this it would be easier to give you a start.

Send to sikulix---at---outlook---dot---com

Matte proffsman (proffsmatte) said : #2

I understand, i'll provide more information ASAP.

Matte proffsman (proffsmatte) said : #3

Screenshot sent to <email address hidden>.


Matte proffsman (proffsmatte) said : #4

Help Recieved from Raiman.