How To Input a variable containing text to reg.find()

Asked by Mark McGuinn on 2019-11-30

Trying to create a script which passes from excel to Sikul a name and then searches on an application screen for that name. The screen has 50 visible icons with a different name in each. I am trying to find the icon which matches the name passed in and click it. However when using the following code I get an error:

m = reg.find("FORD")

[error] RunTimeIDE: ImageMissing: FORD
[error] RunTimeIDE: Wait: Abort: Jython: at xcel1 (49)
[error] script [ xcel1 ] stopped with error at line --unknown--

If I pass an image in it works, but not passing either hard coded text or a variable with the text. SO the question is how can I pass just a text string to the reg.find() command?

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masuo (masuo-ohara) said : #1

Do you use SikuliX1.1.4 or SikuliX2.0?
You have to use findText instead of find.

Mark McGuinn (mmcguinn) said : #2


thanks for the feedback. I had been using 1.1.3 because I could not get the side tab with the various coding shortcuts to work in v2. If I try to run the script in v2.0.1 I get a strange problem in that the ide will move the mouse to the correct point on the screen but will not click as it is supposed to. This is he first step in the script so I cannot confirm the solution until I can reach that point in the test script.

If there is something which is stopping the script from clicking in v2 would you let me know. Below is the code

# Open a spreadsheet and read values
def openAppleMenu(event):

    import java.lang.System
import java.lang.Object
import java.awt.event.InputEvent
carmake = "Ford"
Env.addHotkey(Key.F1, KeyModifier.ALT+KeyModifier.CTRL,openAppleMenu)


masuo (masuo-ohara) said : #3

Please check option setting, if you use SikuliX1.1.3 .
[allow searching for text] check box may be off.

Open Preferences Window

Open Preferences:more Options...
[more options...]

Switch on [allow searching for text] check box.

Mark McGuinn (mmcguinn) said : #4

Did as suggested and am still getting an error:

[error] RunTimeIDE: ImageMissing: FORD
[error] RunTimeIDE: Wait: Abort: Jython: at Mensel (20)
[error] script [ Mensel ] stopped with error at line --unknown--

This is where I pass a hard coded string to the find command

reg = Region(300,293,1083,535)

m = reg.find("FORD")

masuo (masuo-ohara) said : #5

Switch on [allow searching for text] check box.
And restart SikuliX IDE.

If that doesn't work, I don't know any more.

Mark McGuinn (mmcguinn) said : #6

Have managed to get somewhere with v2.0.1. Now getting to the point where it does the findText but it fails with an error even though the text is in the image:


reg = Region(300,293,1083,535)

m = reg.findText(carmake)

print m

[error] script [ Mensel ] stopped with error in line 25
[error] FindFailed ( FORD as text )
[error] --- Traceback --- error source first
line: module ( function ) statement
25: main ( <module> ) m = reg.findText(carmake)
[error] --- Traceback --- end --------------

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