how to identify a picture inside a region

Asked by Marc Summers on 2019-11-14

 If I have code like this:

   sbuttons = list(findAll("selectcoverage.png"))
    print "I Found ", len(sbuttons), " sbuttons matches"
    sbuttsorted = sorted(sbuttons, key=lambda m: m.y)

    k = sbuttsorted[0]
    r = Region(k.getX(), k.getY(), k.getW(), k.getH())

is there some way to identify the actual picture that
is inside the Region.

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Marc Summers (2aircraft) said : #1

Well, that probably did not come out the way I wanted it to.
So let's say that if I have this code:

  k = sbuttsorted[0]
    r = Region(k.getX(), k.getY(), k.getW(), k.getH())

Can I identify the picture that is in a specific Region.

such as

r = Region(418, 686, 100, 14)

and also how would I actually write the syntax
for such a Region, I know that I can not use actual integers

Marc Summers (2aircraft) said : #2

   Another way to ask this would be, if I have this code

    tbuttons = list(findAll("serialnumber.png"))
    print "I Found ", len(tbuttons), " matches"
    tbuttsorted = sorted(tbuttons, key=lambda m:m.y)

    mouseMove(-129, 40) <<< then how do I tell what picture is at this position ?

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

tbuttsorted is a list of Match objects, which in turn are a subclass of Region.

so you can ask:

which returns True if the Match-Rectangle completely lies inside the Region rectangle.

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