Sikulix 2 is logging only highlight --- accepted bug

Asked by Sabir on 2019-10-24

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I switched yesterday to Sikulix 2. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 and OpenJDK 11.

I have set the JVM param -Dsikuli.Debug=3 to get logs as in previous version (I was in version 1.1.2 before with logs well working). In my Java code I have :

  Settings.ActionLogs = true;
  Settings.InfoLogs = true;
  Settings.DebugLogs = true;
  Settings.UserLogs = true;
  Settings.LogTime = true;
  Settings.UserLogTime = true;

Now, and after migrating my code to Sikulix 2, I'm seeing only highlight logs like :
[log] highlight R[0,0 1280x146]@S(0) for 1.0 secs

And missed search and click logs. Why ? What to do to get full logs for Sikulix actions ?

Many Thanks.

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

Using sikulixapi.jar in a Java project: these are the defaults after startup in org.sikuli.basics.Settings:
  public static boolean ActionLogs = true;
  public static boolean InfoLogs = true;
  public static boolean DebugLogs = false;
  public static boolean ProfileLogs = false;
  public static boolean TraceLogs = false;
  public static boolean LogTime = false;

  public static boolean UserLogs = true;
  public static String UserLogPrefix = "user";
  public static boolean UserLogTime = true;

 -Dsikuli.Debug=3 currently does not do anything in your situation.

So only Settings.LogTime = true; would be needed in this case.

if you want to see the SikuliX internal debug logs, you have to say
before using any SikuliX feature.

This is an example:

        Settings.LogTime = true;
        Debug.user("userlog *****");
        new Screen().click();


[user (24/10/2019, 20:47:03)] userlog *****

............ internal debug messages .........

[107 debug (24/10/2019, 20:47:05)] CLICK on L[640,400]@S(0) (1202 msec)

............ internal debug messages at termination .........

so only:

        Settings.LogTime = true;

is needed, to get similar output to the 1.1.3 situation.

I accept and register as a bug, that there are differences and -Dsikuli.Debug=3 does not work as expected.

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