Sikuli execution stuck on VM with old CPU

Asked by Asheru on 2019-10-18


We are running the tests built with sikuliX inside some VMs through TFS. We have a computer now that we want to use for development purposes only. We just copied the VMs here but the build is stuck after it executes the command for starting the sikulix tests.

I was wondering if it could be the fact that the CPU is old (2009) even tough is an I7.

We did this to other computers and it worked fine.


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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

what SikuliX version?

Asheru (asheru93) said : #2

it is 1.1.3 since we are using headless mode, we are using this still

It works manually no problems, but started from TFS it's stuck here. I used -verbose while running the script to see the logs from the jar:

Unloading class HagercadConfig$py 0x00000001008fd828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadConfig$py 0x0000000100880028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadConfig$py 0x00000001007d7028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadRegionsDe$py 0x00000001007d7828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadConfig$py 0x00000001008fd028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadRegions$py 0x0000000100900028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadStringsDe$py 0x00000001007e3828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadConfig$py 0x00000001007e3028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadStrings$py 0x00000001007e2828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadConfig$py 0x00000001007e0828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadLogger$py 0x00000001007da828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadImagesDe2$py 0x00000001007e4028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadImagesDe1$py 0x00000001007dd828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadImagesDe$py 0x00000001007e5828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadImages$py 0x00000001007e4828]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadLogger$py 0x00000001007e8028]
2019-10-23T15:55:41.8364280Z [Unloading class HagercadUtilities$py 0x00000001007d9028]
2019-10-23T15:55:43.7368080Z [Loaded HagercadImagesDe2$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.7369079Z [Loaded HagercadLogger$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.7369079Z [Loaded HagercadConfig$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.7369079Z [Loaded HagercadUtilities$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.8299265Z [Loaded HagercadConfig$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.8299265Z [Loaded HagercadImages$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.8299265Z [Loaded HagercadConfig$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.8299265Z [Loaded HagercadImagesDe$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]
2019-10-23T15:55:46.8829371Z [Loaded HagercadImagesDe1$py from file:/C:/Sikulix/sikulix.jar]

It stays stuck here forever.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

java -Dsikuli.Debug=3 -jar ....

To get the SikuliX startup log

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