ALT-TAB through 3 app windows with same name

Asked by datavampire on 2019-09-26

First: RAIMAN..a hearty THANK YOU for developing this and continuing to support it. Sikuli's an *incredibly* useful tool. Bravo!

I'd like to extend a Sikuli program so that it alt-tabs through THREE different app windows, all of which have the same name. I've got ALT-TAB working to make the magic happen with two windows, but am 1) wondering if progress has been made re: making ALT-TAB more robust and/or 2) whether anyone has ideas re: how to make alt-tabbing through 3 windows (with the same name, yes - same app) possible.

The order in which each window gets hit isn't important. What is: cycling through all 3 windows. Put more plainly, it's cool if alt-tabbing results in visiting Window1 ==> Window2 ==> Window3 ==> Window2 ==> Window1 ==> [...]

Simpler question might be: is there away to make the key combination ALT-TAB-TAB happen?

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Best RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

if I understand right, it is Windows.

What about the option to hover the app icon in the taskbar and then select the next window in the popup?

datavampire (datavampire) said : #2

RaiMan himself. Holy cow. Yes, you were correct - Windows 10.

THANKS very much for the quick response. Hovering the app icon worked out great. Sleeping on it, I realized too that for my use case - I could also de-maximize the windows, cascade or otherwise arrange them, then click on the different locations corresponding to the app window I wanted to focus on. Hovering's of course cleaner, and I'll be sticking with it. Thanks again!

datavampire (datavampire) said : #3

Thanks RaiMan, that solved my question.