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Asked by Asheru on 2019-05-22


I have a script that automates a desktop app. I have the following issue:

So I want to add 80 products and check if they are added. For each one I need to search for it's name ,add it, check if it's added, delete it then search for other ones.

I have build a generic method that does this, and it requires 3 parameters: nameOfProduct,procutAddImage,checkProductAddedImage. So far so good. It looks something like this:

def addProduct(param1,param2,param3):
             #do required actions
               assert False

For all the 80 products I'm calling this method. Now in case product no.43 for ex. is not added I want the script to continue. If i'm not using 'assert False' this will work but in the report the test is shown as passed (logs are added).

I want to know if there is possible to display the test as failed if one or more products are not added and to go on with the execution.


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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #2

You do not seem to use the stuff according to the unittest rules.

You have to organize your tests into test cases with a possible setup and teardown.
Each test case then is run independently one after the other and reveals its result to HTMLTestRunner.

Asheru (asheru93) said : #3

But i have built the script so tests are not hardcoded. They are read from a csv and there they can be defined depending on the needs.

Asheru (asheru93) said : #4

This above would be a test for example

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #5

--- This above would be a test for example
Might be a "test" as you see it, but it is not a test in the sense of Python unittest/HTMLTestRunner.

Please read at least a tutorial about Python unittest, to understand, what I am saying.

TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #6

Hi Asheru,

As far as I understand you are doing data driven test
I had same issue in the past and it is solvable.

Here is two approaches I would suggest:

1. Do not "assert" in the function
  -- you can return true or false value to the main loop and store message like "test 43 failed" in var like errorsText
  -- when your main loop finish you can check if variable errosText is empty and decide what to do

2. You can generate dynamically your tests(based on your csv) to match unit test rules. In this way you will have 80 separated tests and each can pass or fail independently

I highly recommend using second approach

Asheru (asheru93) said : #7



I think the second approach would result also in 80 separated rows in the html test report but I have to try.

Thanks for answering.

TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #8

Yes. It will result in 80 rows report. This is the correct way.

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