How to configure the environment when excute an executable programe with sikulixapi?

Asked by AliceZhou on 2019-05-21

  I wrote a programe with python, the programe invoked the sikulixapi. The program operated successfully on Ubuntu 16 (linux system). And then I packaged it with pyinstaller and executed it in another Ubuntu (Linux system with Java enviroment and skikulixapi). Unfortunately, it failed. The prompt information was "No Opencv_java usable". Must I configure the opencv step by step according to 'Version 1.1.4 - Special for Linux people' first ? Is there any simple way?
Thank you in advance.

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

yes, the special native library setup has to be done on every Linux system seperately.

AliceZhou (alice122) said : #2

As we all know installing the opencv is a huge task espically for a system without network , if i just want to invoke the sikulixapi.jar. Is there any simple way? for example, only copy the native library (such as to the target system. Do you have any suggetions?
Thank you again.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

Sorry, but that is the "benefit" of Linux systems.

I do not have the time, to prepare a pack for every linux flavour.
Since I am not using Linux everyday and do not have much experience with the Linux packaging variants, it was hard enough for me to find out, how to achieve that at least on one system, which stands for the Debian flavour.

AliceZhou (alice122) said : #4

Thanks for your patience.