Is there any wait until available in Sikuli

Asked by Abilashkar on 2019-05-10

HI Is there any wait until available in sikuli
i have a screen on my desktop application when i click on a button loading image will be displayed. i need to wait unitl that loading image disappears. Is there any solution to wait until loading image gets disappear.

Note : It will take long time to disappear

Thanks in advance

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TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #2

1. In most cases load indicators are not static images but animations. This may be issue for you
2. If waiting too long you may consider less cpu intensive approach than waitVanish. for example loop with exists() and sleep()

Abilashkar (abilashkar) said : #3

WaitVanish tried not effective before vanishing the image control is getting moved to another line

Abilashkar (abilashkar) said : #4

any solution ?

Abilashkar (abilashkar) said : #5

private Pattern waitForMoment;
private Region window;
screenWithloading =new Pattern(TestProperties.path("screenWithLoading.PNG"));
screenWithoutLoading = new Pattern(TestProperties.path("FSMScreen.PNG"));

window = getDriver().wait(screenWithloading );
  waitForMoment = new Pattern(TestProperties.path("WaitForMomentsImage.PNG"));

window = getDriver().wait(screenWithoutLoading );;

here on above code its not waiting till the image is getting vanished

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #6

Maybe a timing issue.

How long does it take for the images to appear and disappear, and how does the screen look like in the time between?

You wait until "screenWithLoading" appears, and then wait until "waitForMoment" vanishes.
Are they shown at the same time?
If not, you should first wait until "waitForMoment" appears, and only then wait for it to vanish, or put a short "sleep" in between to make sure that "waitForMoment" is really shown on screen.

Another possible error in your script could be that the "waitForMoment" picture stays on the screen longer than the maximum waiting time (value of setAutoWaitTimeout(), default 3 seconds).

Abilashkar (abilashkar) said : #7

How long does it take for the images to appear and disappear, and how does the screen look like in the time between?
Reply: some times it take 30 min some times it take 1 hr

Are they shown at the same time?
Yes In that "screenWithLoading" image contains the loading image "waitForMoment"

Now im using

im using this above wait times 39 ;( ;(

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #8

If you want to wait for the "waitForMoment" image to disappear, and if this might take up to an hour, then a wait time of 15 seconds does not really help.
There is an optional second parameter to waitVanish, being the maximum wait time.
Maybe something like
window.waitVanish(waitForMoment, FOREVER);
works as desired (eventually experiment also with different values for scan rate, or try TestMechanic's recommendation in comment #2)

Abilashkar (abilashkar) said : #9

Ok Let me try this and update Thanks Manfred

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