1.1.4 no toolbar on the left?

Asked by MP on 2019-04-08

1) Because 1.1.4 wasnt working for me before, I used 1.1.3. As a total beginner in this programming environment I loved the tool bar on the left side of the screen. But it isnt there in 1.1.4 ???

2) Also in 1.1.4 the key combination shift + alt + C to terminate running scripts is no more? (I use it all the time in 1.1.3 cause my code is faulty a lot of times)

So if there is no solution for these 2 problems I am facing, I just gonna return to 1.1.3 :)

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

at 1: the toolbar is no longer supported in the shape up to 1.1.3. There will be a code-completion solution later this year.

at 2: the stop hotkey should be there and should work. I will test later and come back.

If you really need the toolbar, you have to stay with 1.1.3.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #2

Just tested with latest SikuliX build on Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Build 1809 with Java 12:
alt-shift-c is there and does what it should.

MP (jozzzzzz) said : #3

Thx for the answer! Yes, the terminating works. I did something wrong. And to bad that toolbar is gone. I stay with 1.1.3 atm till I get better.

Thing is, the main perpose I wanna use this software is for reading number images. So I want to use some kind of OCR language for it. Is it better to use 1.1.4 ? I read on your website something about onchange command.

You see a row of numbers as images (so each number is an image. And each time a new number is added (and the last number is gone). and with each number an action is performed. This is what I wanna realize in the end :)

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #4

Feasable but very challenging

- define the states
- a def to handle every state
- an outer Loop to walk through the states

Number row is a region with the Numbers as subregions.

Good luck

... and the command bar is just a useless gimmick compared to the challenges

... and yes: 1.1.4 recommended

... and at least scanning the docs is a must

MP (jozzzzzz) said : #5

From a beginner point of view the command bar is far from useless. I love to see the possible commands that I can use when I am a beginner. I also like the auto generating of the code which saves a lot of time. It gives me insight fast in the possibilities and practicality. Is there an overview somewhere with the most (fundamental and useful) commands?

and thx!

P.S. What do you mean with "scanning" is this a command for screen reading of images?

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #6

--- From a beginner point of view the command bar is far from useless.
Yes, I agree. I did not talk about that, but about your upcoming challenge it is simply useless.

The pitfalls for more complex situations:
- it leads to long sequences of wait/click and probably some type/paste
- the inserted functions always go on the whole screen
- since there usually is no naming concept, (just numbered images) the same images are captured over and over again (usually twice for wait and click), which is very inefficient in case you have to adjust the Pattern parameters of an image.
- due to inserted long wait times and always searching the whole screen, to overcome differences in reaction time of the GUI, such scripts are running very, very slow and tend to create false positives.

Latest, when loops, if/else and functions come in handy, you will throw most of your script away and start over new.

--- ... and at least scanning the docs is a must
this simply means, that you should look through the docs to learn, what features can be used how. The first time it is usually ok to "scan the docs", which is meant as fast reading of the main topics and know the content overview and the function index.

again, I stick to my suggestions in comment #4

If you succeed, your solution might be a good showcase ;-)