Looping through list of elements and finind expected text with OCR

Asked by Asheru on 2018-12-13


I have a list of elements and i need to select a certain element. For that I have to scroll the list. It is possible to create a method that scrolls through this list and when it finds my expected elements clicks it? I was thinking to use the OCR to recognize the text from the element that I'm expecting to find ?

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

yes is possible.

Asheru (asheru93) said : #2

Ok thanks.

So the approach would be something like this:

define a region in screen
define the element that i want to find, a string basically
inside a for loop iterate with OCR until my element is found while scrolling

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3


Asheru (asheru93) said : #4

Thank you!

Asheru (asheru93) said : #5

This is my solution for this, i hope it will work on you aswell.

Here are the elements passed to the method:
myRegion = your region where you want to scroll
expectedStringElement = the text that is found on the element you want to click for example "Create Account"
elementToClick = define an image containing the element that you want to click for example "Create Account" button image

    def findElementFromList(myRegion,expectedStringElement,elementToClick):
        scrollIncrement = 0
        while scrollIncrement < 10:
            wheel(WHEEL_DOWN, scrollIncrement)
            myTextFromScreen = Region.text(MyRegion)
            if expectedStringElementElement in myTextFromScreen:
            scrollIncrement += 1

Struggled a bit to make it work, maybe because of my app that I'm testing but in the end very helpful and reusable evrey time is needed.

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