1.1.4 Console is missing.

Asked by sdraganov on 2018-11-04

I've just updated to the latest version and faced a few challenges.
(Win10, Java 11)

1.Console is no longer available at IDE startup - this was extremely useful for realtime debugging outputting to a file is a option but it's not that handy as looking into console directly.

2.subprocess.call console also doesn't popup - my script is calling external cmd commands and since some of them were quite slow I kind of watching their progress by the console log, with 1.1.4 no console pops up when starting external process through subprocess.call

3.It's kind a difficult to start SikuliX as administrator. In 1.1.3 that's easy cause there was a .cmd script that calls IDE and I was able to set it in the properties to always start as Administrator.

4.Gdrive is not very happy with jython-standalone.jar file - it deletes it without any notification right after the upload.

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

At 1:
Start IDE from commandline:
java -jar path-to-sikulixide.jar -c

At 2:
See 1:

At 3:
Make your own .cmd with 1:
The possible parameters are still valid

At 4:
At start of IDE an available jython is moved to the Sikulix extensions folder (so GDrive is doing nothing)

sdraganov (sdraganov) said : #2

Thanks for the amazing support RaiMan. Everything now works as before.

I was a bit surprised about the automatic move of the jython file. Indeed GDrive does nothing about that, the file disappears even when placed in non-Gdrive folder.