What is the best alternative to automate a VM with android ?

Asked by juan on 2018-07-30

What is the best alternative to automate a VM with android ?, in nox or andy or memu.
Until now I have been using Sikuli normally, for many years. but now I have a monitor 4k, 3840x2160.
the problem is that sikuli partly sees it as a 3840x2160 screen and partly as a 1920x1080 screen.
that is: if I make a hover (location (1919,1079)) the cursor goes to 3838,2158
if I make a capture of the position of the mouse cursor, it tells me that it is in 3838,2158.
when using getLastMatch it returns the exact position, but when dealing with the area, it takes me half the resolution.
What I do now is use the screen at 1920x1080, and that's fine. but I want to use the full resolution, in order to use more windows.

I've thought about using the emulator screen directly, but I can not make it work.
the other alternative is to use a VM with windows and sikuli inside, and vnc inside the android emulator. That way I could use the rest of the PC for other things.

the idea would be to control the android emulator (in the background), and be able to continue using the pc for other things.
speed is not critical, and calculation power I have plenty. I can use 4 cores for sikuli and the emulator without problems.

what do you recommmend me to do?
What should I read to understand better?
thanks in advance

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Best TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #1

You can try to run emulator core in your machine and then emulator UI in vm with appropriate resolution

juan (fogelmanjg) said : #2

Thanks TestMechanic, that solved my question.

juan (fogelmanjg) said : #3

this solve partially my problem, but can work from here.
i will ask for the other part of the problem in a new ask