Issues with VNC Screen VIsibility

Asked by Naveen Vangipurapu on 2018-05-24

Sikuli Version - 1.1.3
Java JDK - 1.8.0_171
Local O/S - Windows 10
Remote O/s - Windows 2016 Server VM (Hosted on AWS)

From windows 10 machine we are trying to execute sikuli script on a vnc server(ec2 windows 2016 server). We took the screen shots after connecting to the VNCScreen and what we observed is that the screen visibility is very very poor. We waited until 2 to 3 minutes and took the screenshot and it looked the same. For testing we used 4core 16GB Windows 2016 servers with 10GB bandwidth. So I don't think it should be an issue with the network. I can send the screen shots that are taken if needed.

Below is the code we are trying to execute
vnc = VNCScreen.start("", 5900, "xxxxxx", 10, 1000);
 vncScreen.doubleClick(new Pattern("imgs/chrome.PNG")); //open chrome Pattern("imgs/search.png")); //click search bar
 vncScreen.type(""); //input url :
 vncScreen.keyDown(KeyEvent.VK_ENTER); //press enter key
 vncScreen.wait(3.0); //wait 3 seconds for the page to load Pattern("imgs/download.PNG")); //click download button

 Below are the debug logs

[debug] RunTimeAPI: initAPI: leaving
CConnection: Server supports RFB protocol version 3.8
CConnection: Using RFB protocol version 3.8
After Connecting to the VNC
[debug] Mouse: init start
[debug] RunTimeAPI: loadLib: VisionProxy.dll
[debug] Mouse: init end
[debug] CLICK on L(960,540)@R[0,0 1920x1080]@S(0) E:Y, T:3.0 (1053 msec)
[debug] ImagePath: new BundlePath:
/C:/Users/Smartlink User/Downloads/SikuliProject/SikuliProject/
[debug] Image: loaded: imgs/chrome.png (file:/C:/Users/Smartlink User/Downloads/SikuliProject/SikuliProject/imgs/chrome.PNG)
[debug] Image: cached: imgs/chrome.png (12 KB) (# 1 KB 12 -- 0 % of 64 MB)
[debug] Region: wait: waiting 60.0 secs for imgs/chrome.png to appear in NonLocal, 1920x1080
FindFailed: imgs/chrome.png: (56x55) in R[0,0 1920x1080]@S(0) E:Y, T:60.0
[debug] Region: handleFindFailed: P(imgs/chrome.png) S: 0.7
  Line 2782, in file
[debug] Region: wait: imgs/chrome.png did not appear [60257 msec]

 at org.sikuli.script.Region.wait(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.find(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.getLocationFromTarget(
 at org.sikuli.vnc.VNCScreen.getLocationFromTarget(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.doubleClick(
 at org.sikuli.script.Region.doubleClick(
 at com.test.SikuliDemo1.testDemo(
 at com.test.VNC_Test.vncSre(
 at com.test.Main.main(
[debug] RunTimeAPI: final cleanup
[debug] FileManager: deleteFileOrFolder:

Process finished with exit code 0

Can you please help us in resolving this issue.

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #2

I have to dive into VNC again - takes some time - sorry.

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