Can sikuli do a search by shape only?

Asked by geo on 2018-03-19

I'm making some improvements to a clicking game and one problem I keep coming across is that what I need to click on has too many variations. What I mean is that the shape I'm searching for which appear randomly on the screen is always the same (in this case an egg) BUT!!! what the egg looks like changes. Shape and size is always constant but, the color and pattern is always different. in the past I was able to find a piece of the egg which all the eggs had in common but, since the game keeps getting upgraded and new patterns are introduced this is not always the case. Is there a way to tell sikuli (or even some other solution) to say hey this is an egg, click on it until it goes away?

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

Sorry, no - not possible with the version 1.1.x
It is all about opaque rectangles.

Though I do not know your exact situation, it might be worth to think about using observe/onChange (see docs)

geo (mrgees100peas) said : #2

aaahhhh!!! I figured as much. I will look into your recommendation. thanks