how to install ocr but already installed sikuli with options 1 and 2 missed 3

Asked by Prabhakaran on 2018-03-15

Hi all,
I am new to Sikuli, I already installed SikuliX with options 1 and 2.
Hi friends,
I am new to sikuli. I am going to Automate Oracle Forms Application. This Applet is running out of the browser.
I want to search and get the text from Applet.
As of now, i am using Images and Regions all are working except SHIFT+HOME keypress.

1) Now I like to install 3 alone. Is this possible? if not required work around.

2) To increase text read ability of OCR or Sikuli, Is possible to set my application used fonts images that are from a to z, A to Z, 0 to 9 and Special characters.

3) Is possible to run my Java Test cases on the Remote machine.
4) if yes Is possible for Concurrency?
I want to keep my test case run in hold status while running some other cases.

Environment :
I am using WindowsXP, Java 64bit, Eclipse + SeleniumXXX.jar + SikuliX.Jar + JAVA(64bit)

RaiMan your answers are very much helpfull.
Thanks in Advance.

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Best RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

--- about setup option 3
use the final version 1.1.2:
the text features are now always included and switched on

--- To increase text read ability of OCR

--- concurrency
usually not possible (a race for mouse/keyboard and screen content)

--- remote
principally possible - find your solution among different approaches (search the net)

Hi RaiMan,
Thanks for the short and sweet answers and link. I am doing Automation Tools evolution - Forms Application.

What are the testing types can be achieved by using Sikuli?

Ans: 1
I have already Installed SikuliX 1.1.1 setup with options and 1 and 2.
In Installed folder available Sikuli.jar copied and added under Java Project with Selenium and TestNG Jars etc,.
Now, can I directly download and install final version 1.1.2 then select option 3 alone or any direct download required pls help me?

Ans: 3
While running my Test script in Multiple machines, At least is possible to achieve concurrency between machines?
I want to stop running few Test Scripts otherwise it may try to change other Testscript Preconditions.
Because I am going to run all the cases multiple machines but against one server.

Ans: 4
Friends Please suggest some links and experience. Becuase Sikuli can be implemented in Python Javascript and Java so which way is the best. I am ready to learn and implement in any language.

Once again i am thanking you.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

--- at Ans 1:
with 1.1.2 the text feature is built-in and switched on by default.

--- at Ans 2:
if SikuliX programs/scripts are running on separate machines, they are completely independent of each other

--- at Ans 4:
programming in Java with a mature IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, ...) is the most straight forward and leanest solution.
for image management you might use the SikuliX IDE in parallel with a strict naming convention and using the imagePath feature.


Point: 2
In Java Project by using selenium web driver jars, Selenium Standalone jar(Grid), TestNG.jar we can automate hub and node machine browsers. after navigated to URL, want to handle applet it's running out of the browser. so next is Sikuli lines
Screen s= new Screen();
s.wait(common driver/some_img,10)
s.find(common drive/some_img).click();
will it work on node machine? or am I want to install Sikuli on the hub and all node machines.

Grid Note: Hub (machine1) running Java project code, Nodes(machine2, machine3)
all the machines having access to Common drive/some_img

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #5

Java programs using Sikuli features have to run on the machine that has the target screen attached.

So if you want to automate/test a node machine using SikuliX, the node machine has to have Java and SikuliX available on that machine and the programs using SikuliX have to run there.

Another option is to run a VNCServer on the node machine and access the node machine from the hub system via VNC feture of SikuliX.

s.wait(common driver/some_img,10);
s.find(common drive/some_img).click();

can be (only one search): driver/some_img,10));

Another simplification is to use the imagePath feature, so you only once specify the location of the images and then use,10));

Thanks RaiMan, that solved my question.