Region.findText(): Finding text with Java API

Asked by Jeff Hall on 2018-01-22

I'm a little bit unclear on the status of the Region.findText() method in the SikuliX version 1.1.1 Java API.

There is documentation for this method:

...and it appears to be implemented in the Region class:

However, I noticed an answer (and related FAQ) that seems to indicate that the findText() method is not actually implemented:

I'm asking about the status because it doesn't seem to work as expected with my code, something like this:

public static boolean findTextInDocument(Screen s, String text) {
        boolean textFound = false;

        try {
            s.findText(text, 2000);
            textFound = true;
        } catch (FindFailed e) {

        return textFound;

Can anyone confirm that the findText() method should (or should not) work with the version 1.1.1 API?

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

yes, works as it should (tested ;-)

--- because it doesn't seem to work as expected with my code
... what exactly?

Jeff Hall (oldjoe) said : #2

Thanks for the confirmation RaiMan!

The problem must be on my end. I keep getting a NullPointerException from the screen.findText() method in the following example class, but haven't been able to figure out why just yet...

public class DummyTest {

    private static Screen screen = new Screen();

    public static void setup() {
        Settings.OcrTextSearch = true;
        Settings.OcrTextRead = true;

        // Open Microsoft Word application
        screen.type(Key.ESC, Key.CTRL);

    public static void tearDown() {
        // Close Microsoft Word
        screen.type(Key.F4, Key.ALT);

    public void experimentWithText() {
        String text = "This is my favorite text string.";

        try {
        } catch (FindFailed findFailed) {



RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

Just tested on 1.1.2 --- works.

anything to see in the stack trace about the exception source?

Jeff Hall (oldjoe) said : #4

Aaagh, user error! Causing myself grief with typos.

Once I got that sorted out, the Region.findText() method is indeed working as described.

Thanks for your help RaiMan, and thanks for all your work on SikuliX.