How to Go-to-line in the IDE

Asked by alex chu on 2018-01-17

My script is over 1000 lines long, i tried short cut like ctrl-g, ctrl-L none of them can "go to line" similar to other IDE.

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1) You can use other IDE to navigate the script. Sikuli scripts could be edited with PyCharm, and they can be even run with it. (you won't have capabilities to to capture images though). PyCharm has Go To Line

2) You can spend some time and insert after every 50 lines comment like


It would be dirty hack.

But in general if you have over 1000 lines in one script, you are doing it wrong. This is what is called "large class" anti-pattern. Even 250+ like I had is not a good idea: it is hard to manage. Consider breaking your script into several smaller files/classes and smaller functions.

alex chu (bb9now) said : #2

I understand design pattern. But that's for writing code not for Sikuli script. The IDE only support one script file. Maybe I'm missing something totally obvious ? :)

I can use any editor like sublime, Eclipse, .NET studio. But the main problem is the Jpg image won't show on those IDE. How others develop their script?

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

Are you using latest SikuliX - at least 1.1.1?

The IDE supports as many scripts as you like - just open a new tab.
There are many features that allow, to divide larger scripts into smaller parts, besides the things the Python language as such delivers.

In the docs there are some infos about import and running scripts from within other scripts.

And with an intelligent naming scheme it is possible, to use the IDE only for the image management only, while working with the code in mature IDE's like PyCharms.

Many possibilities.

... and I totally agree with comment #1

--- But that's for writing code not for Sikuli script
LOL - what's the difference?

alex chu (bb9now) said : #4

I'm coming back from 2012 and i'm pretty cautious with the IDE,
I've never trying open files that's been edited outside afraid it will crash the IDE and can't recover from it.

LOL - what's the difference?
Shouldn't be if sikuli can work with files edited by outside editor :)

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #5

Things have changed a lot since then.
You should use latest version 1.1.1 ( and make your experiences.

... and SikuliX can work of course with files "edited by outside editor" - you only have to accept the rules for a SikuliX script:
- a folder named foobar.sikuli
- contains a file (might be edited outside)
- contains images referenced in the script

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