Could sikuli find plain text in sreen?l

Asked by xiaocezi on 2017-12-06

it's me,again(#^.^#)
i have worked with sikulix1.1.1
i write the follow script in sikuli IDE command line:


the running result is:
[error] Image: Image not valid, but TextSearch is switched off!
[error] RunTimeIDE: Wait: Abort: Jython: at Delete_Department (1)
[error] RunTimeIDE: ImageMissing: onVanish

I have read the word in sikuli help page like:
onVanish(PS, handler)
Parameters: • PS – a Pattern object or a string (path to an image file or just plain text.
                                • handler – the name of a handler function in the script

the "plain text.",it's meaning that:i could just find some text that it's not a image path,just text?!
if i could do this way,please tell me how to switch on this function!!
thank you!!
i am in china ,GuangZhou city, if you come to this city ,it's welcome for you coming!

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

yes, it principally can: faq 2436

Make your experiences, but do not expect too much: the implementation has not been changed since 2012 and has many weaknesses.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #2

BTW: I will surely not come to China during the rest of my life, but thanks for invitation.

xiaocezi (xiaocezi) said : #3

thank you,i'll try now.
it's pity ,china is changing quckily day by day ! also,the world is changing quckily too^_^
thank you again,best regards!

xiaocezi (xiaocezi) said : #4

i had tried this function ,worked not good.
but still thanks for you help。
I rencently tring in translating the Sikuli manual to chinese language.Maybe can help other people to use sikuli more easily.
also ,when i am translating,learned much to myself.