Remote node connect is not working

Asked by Maniraj on 2017-12-05

I have written script and executing in my local machine it is running As expected but while try to run in remote machine (Node) it is not running

Using MAC laptop and Remote node system also mac (For verify Actual image It needs to take from my local machine(laptop))
using Screen sharing option trying to run script in node machine.
Remote desktop is having separate monitor and it is running in that monitor only(it is having display)

IMP: In node system i am using same resolution only

What is solution for run Help me out.

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RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

is it really running on the remote machine?

... or is it running on the local machine against the content seen in the shared screen?

A shared screen might show up with a different resolution, depending on wether it is downsized to completely fit into the local screen.

Maniraj (aathimaniraj) said : #2

Ya it is running remote machine but the script and paths to images are taking from my local machine(laptop) to verify the image and click.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #3

Only to be clear:
On the remote machine there is a valid setup for SikuliX and you have started the script on the remote machine.

you say:
but the script and paths to images are taking from my local machine

not really clear: some network paths like //server/script.sikuli or what technique do you use, to reference the images on the local machine from a script running on the remote machine?

Maniraj (aathimaniraj) said : #4

I am using Screensharing technology in MAC to Execute script in remote machine.
I am starting script on my local machine only. But it needs to execute in Remote machine.
There will no separate setup in remote machine. So it need to take setup and images from my local machine.
I am using Remote machine just to run the my script in remote window nothing more than that.

i am giving path like : /Users/aathi/Desktop/Sikuli/15.png this path refers my current local laptop and it needs to execute in remote machine with reference of this image.

Still now i am facing issue kindly clarify ...

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #5

Supposing you are using Apples ScreenSharing tool.

To be clear:
- your script runs on the local machine and uses the images stored on your local machine
- hence the script is NOT RUNNING on the remote machine, but the locally running script ACTS ON the window content of the shared screen, which is visible on your local screen

It looks like your local machine is a laptop. Even if the screen size of the local machine is the same as that of the remote: if you see the complete remote screen, its content is always more or less scaled down, to fit into the local screen area available.

Only if you switch off scaling in the ScreenSharing's View menu, then you have the original remote pixels on your local screen.

So please adjust your situation accordingly.

Maniraj (aathimaniraj) said : #6

i am saving images in server and trying to take image from that to make it as easy accessible weather it will work for?

It is showing that not a valid path but path is correct while print path it is come crct but it is not taking image from server.. any solution for this pls..

Sample like : http://aaa-5855:9090/sikuliimage/ri.png

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #7

I really do not understand what you are doing and how you are trying to achieve it.

What about confirming comment #5?

Why do you want to store images on a server?

Maniraj (aathimaniraj) said : #8

Actually i am trying to Achieve :

I am return script and executed correctly in my system i need achieve that same in Remote machine using Screensharing tool.

for images i am taking screenshot from that remote machine and stored in my local for verifying correct image in remote machine to avoid failing.

Why do you want to store images on a server? - i am having Doubt that Expected image is taken or not thats why i put on server and trying to take that expected image to find but it is not happening.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #9

again: What about confirming comment #5?

Maniraj (aathimaniraj) said : #10

For Comment #5 i need to try, i do no weather this will help if switch off scaling i am having doubt that it is taking image r not so i am tried Comment #6

Maniraj (aathimaniraj) said : #12

For Comment #5 Switch off scaling is not working . i need some solution to fix this help me Raiman.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #13

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