Report or mailing function in Sikuli GUI

Asked by Patrick Stampler on 2017-09-12

Dear Community,

as I am not a developer guy but I am using the Sikuli GUI (and it is really a pleasure :) ), I am searching for a functionality to analyze my test scripts like the duration of running for example.
Also I would like to send mails on error; which means when I am doing a basic routine sanity check with Sikuli and the script fails on a certain point because a certain window does not pop up in my application I would like get notified.
Do you see any possibility to configure such stuff with the help of a GUI or even in Sikuli?
Btw. is it possible to start a Sikuli Script many times at the same time, to achieve something like a performance test?

I appreciate your answers and thank you for your help.


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Best TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #1

It is not possible without some programming. If you are using the IDE now you actually starting to program :-)

Here are some ideas if you want to explore the right way to do this:

1. You can use smtp lib to send emails or you can use external programs like blat for windows
2. You need to learn how to detect error - all methods return some useful value that can help you
3. For load tests - it is possible but this will include bringing up many machines in let say Amazon cloud and drive them to execute scripts and then collect results. If you cannot deal with 1 and 2 it will be hard for you to deal with this.

Hi dinev,

thank you very much for your reply.
Lets see how deep I am able to get into that stuff.


Thanks dinev, that solved my question.