How to bring the minimized window to frontmost and click the button in it

Asked by Rathinavel on 2017-07-25

Am having 5 windows which is minimized. i can able to focus the window, but not able to click the button in it.

for ex:
switchApp("RstSimulations"); wait(1); type(" ", KEY_ALT); type("w") #Switched the window but not restored. I need to click the button "Restore" manually. Now the window is "Restored". Hence the actions after the above code showing error.

Please provide the solution to sortout the issue.

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TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #1

Just wondering what "w" is doing - at least nothning on my Win10
Maybe you need "x" is for maximizing

Can you provide screencast of your problem. You may use notepad if you do not want to show your app under test

Rathinavel (ratnasatya) said : #2

Hi Dinev,

       "X" is for maximizing the window. It is working fine. for me minimized should be restored.
In the attached image (Image sent to mail id "<email address hidden>"), you see the below execution:

Switched the window to RstStimulations. Option "RESTORE" is highlighted but not clicked automatically. So line no.18 action is failing. error also raised in the log.

I need to click the Option "RESTORE" manually, so that line no.18 actin is performing.

Please provide the solution.

Thanks in advance!

Rathinavel (ratnasatya) said : #3

am using Win7 64

TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #4

No attached image. Use Jing and post a link here

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #5

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