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Asked by Hossain Abeer on 2017-07-16


I am trying to set password on starting the program. It would prompt a window, ask for a password, then do its operations. I have used the following commands:

yes = popAsk("PassWord?", "Program")
if not yes:
    popup("Please enter Valid password", "Program")

ok = input("Enter Validity Code:", "15-digit code", "Program")
input = (" ")
if not ok:

popup("Program starts now!", "Program")

Problem: The program accepts just about anything on input, and lets anyone access.

Thank you for your time
Hossain Abeer

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Hossain Abeer
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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #1

There is no logic in your program to validate the code that has been entered.

You need to compare the entered value with the desired password, something like

if ok != "TheHiddenSecret":

see also

Hossain Abeer (retroxic) said : #2

Hey Manfred,

Thanks for your respond. I have just started to code. So can you write a simple model of codes which may provide a log in portal. I have absolutely no idea on this.

Also, I have checked the link provided, but didn't find article relating to log in system.

HOssain ABeer

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #3

I do not really understand your question.
To which system do you want to log in? Doesn't that system already have its login screen?

Hossain Abeer (retroxic) said : #4

I want to create a program, using sikuli. This program would only allow a number of my colleagues to log in, using username and password. I have been able to create the program, but can't provide a log in portal for this.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #5

Sorry, but I am not able to offer a user identification and authentication management system in sikuli.

I already made a proposal in comment #1 for a simple validation check. If that is not enough, then you have to ask somebody else.

Hossain Abeer (retroxic) said : #6

The code -

if ok != "Password":

gives an error. Error reads as "[error] NameError ( name 'ok' is not defined )"

Thank you for your effort my friend
Best wishes

Hossain Abeer (retroxic) said : #7


I have done a little research, and successfully made a simple log in portal. the code -

yes = popAsk("Have a password?", "Program")
if not yes:
    popup("Please get one", "Program")

password = input()
if password == "12543":
    popup("Thanks. Your Program starts now!", "Program")
    popup("Wrong Password. Try Again", "Program")

Thanks for viewing