Set Execution Ordinal for Test Set via Command Line

Asked by Seumas MacRae on 2017-04-12

We have a defined Smoke Test Set established and it is set to run each day after a new nightly build is deployed. This execution is being launched via a command line script. Due to pre-requisites that some of our newer test assets have, how can I set the execution ordinal for the contents of the Test Set folders? Currently, the execution appears to happen by random selection.


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Mike (maestro+++) said : #1

Just for everybody's benefit, what do you mean by 'test ordinal' and what do you mean by' execution appears to happen by random selection'?


Seumas MacRae (djspartacus) said : #2

Test Ordinal = set the order in which the test scripts should be run/executed. For example, the file structure looks like this:


I'd like to be able to tell Sikuli to execute/run the tests in the following order:
1) OpenApp1.sikuli
2) CreateRulesTest.sikuli
3) DeleteRulesTest.sikuli
4) CloseApp1.sikuli

As for the "random selection" question: when I watch Sikuli run the tests from the command line script, I've noticed that it doesn't always run them in the same ordinal/order. So, it appears that it randomly picks which one it is going to launch during test execution. Since we are making our scripts more modular/portable, I need to be able to specify at runtime the running order (ordinal) I want Sikuli to follow.


TestMechanic (ndinev) said : #4

If you add code sample that demonstrates how you are running test maybe we can help.

I am using unittest module and organizing tests as methods of a class. The keep test ordered methods looks like

def test_001_
def test_002_

Then when tests are loaded for execution the are always sorted by name

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