How to deal with getting text from dynamic bubble region

Asked by Anupam on 2017-02-23

Hi, I am trying to automate a chat application. For capturing text from the message bubble i am using below mentioned code.


messageBubbleRegion = Region(1125,971,205,36).find("1487823213807.png")
while not exists("1487733279602.png"):
    click (messageBubbleRegion)
    print messageBubbleRegion.getScreen()
    print messageBubbleRegion.text().strip()

from the above code i am trying to move region upwards and capture the text in the new region.

But i am always getting same text in the ide console until the screen starts scrolling upwards that too some times text is not copied correctly.

Kindly help me out in this. Thanks

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Best RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

already tried to use copy to clipboard (click and select all) and then get the text from the clipboard.

The Region.text() feature is not very reliable yet.

- you do not change the messageBubbleRegion: above() returns a new region object.
- you should add a suitable wait(x) after the wheel() e.g. wait(1)
- while not exists("1487733279602.png", 0): is faster (searches only once) and should be restricted to a region calculated from messageBubbleRegion

Anupam (anupamt) said : #2

Hi, Sorry for delayed response

I tried the clipboard solution along with doubleClick() function and it work well now. This is what i implemented

while not exists(Pattern("1487911529987.png").targetOffset(80,-4)):
    for i in range (0,18):
       print message
This seems working more accurate then region.text() so i left that approach.

Thanks for your prompt help!

Anupam (anupamt) said : #3

Thanks RaiMan, that solved my question.

Anupam (anupamt) said : #4

Let me know if i can optimize it a bit more to be more flexible.

RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #5

while not exists(Pattern("1487911529987.png").targetOffset(80,-4)):

the only thing to optimise:
while not expectedRegion.exists(Pattern("1487911529987.png").targetOffset(80,-4), 0):
- expectedRegion: if you somehow define the region, where you expect your pattern to appear, it would be faster
- exists( ... , 0): only one search (otherwise it would wait 3 seconds if not there)

the other things to get more flexible would only be to put it in a def(), if you need this feature more often with different setups, and define the now fixed values as variables/parameters.