No me funciona captura pantalla

Asked by Fielding on 2012-05-02

No me funciona captura pantalla
sistema windows xp pro sp3
Tengo java 6 en un sistema
y lo probé en máquina virtual bajo java 7 y tampoco.

Cuando clico en capturar pantalla el programa se desaparece, la pantalla no se oscurece conforme a lo previsto y no puedo hacer la captura.

El programa si lo vuelvo a ejecutar no me obedece. Y tengo que cerrarlo por el Administrador de Tareas en el ejecutable jawad.exe del java.

Luego se vuelve a ejecutar bien, pero el problema subsiste. No puedo hacer nada.


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Best RaiMan (raimund-hocke) said : #1

--- Based on my little Spanish knowledge and afterwards proven by Google Translator, this is your question (source Google ;-):

Screen capture does not work
windows xp pro sp3 system
I have java 6 in a
and I tried it on java virtual machine under 7 and no.

When I click in the screen capture program disappears, the screen does not darken as planned and I can not capture.

The program to run back if I obey. And I have to close the Task Manager in the java executable jawad.exe.

He then turns to run fine but the problem remains. I can not do anything.

--- Java 7 is not yet supported - must be Java 6 (latest version best)

--- what you can do (supposing it is X-1.0rc3)
- generally use Sikuli-IDE.bat to start the IDE (you might see something odd in the command line window). later when it is working, you might use Sikuli-IDE-w.bat to not have the command line window.

if it does not work either:
- uninstall using Windows tool, reboot and get rid of artifacts in system path and registry (might help: faq 1766)
- reboot and install again using the installer package and then update to the latest build (see above faq)

Fielding (baseingenieros) said : #2

I'll try and comment

Best Regards

next time I will explain in english

Fielding (baseingenieros) said : #3

I have installed in a clean virtual machine with JavaSetup6u32.exe

version 6
update 32

My windows xp pro sp3 is in spanish

Happen the same.

Fielding (baseingenieros) said : #4

rc3 is the downloaded version

Fielding (baseingenieros) said : #5

Too complicated for me.
I will wait two months to see if a new revision candidate appears.

Then try again.

Best Regards

Fielding (baseingenieros) said : #6

Thanks RaiMan, that solved my question.