[1.1.0+] How to setup unattended

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java -jar sikulixsetup-1.1.X.jar options x y z
(the text after # are usage comments, options are separated by space)

x, y or z or more might be any of

1.1 # IDE with Jython
1.2 # IDE with JRuby
2 # sikulixapi
3 # with Tesseract
4 # for all systems
4.1 # for Windows
4.2 # for Mac
4.3 # for Linux
notest # do not run the test

The settings 4.x allow to setup stuff for other systems (1 Windows, 2 Mac, 3 Linux).
Be aware: currently the final tests will fail in this case with libraries not found ;-)
but can be ignored (or use notest to suppress tests at all)

Since 1.1.2: Option 3 no longer needed - Tesseract stuff is always included