[RC3] [HowTo] Windows: Steps to do, if IDE crashes silently with different symptoms

Created by RaiMan on on 2012-07-19
Last updated by:
RaiMan on on 2013-08-25

Feel free, to try with the new version Sikuli IDE 1.0.1
start here: http://www.sikuli.org/download.html


In most cases, you have just installed Sikuli or updated it with the newest version and now you are trying to use some functions from the command list on the left side of the IDE or you are trying to capture some image.

Then go through these steps and check things carefully.

--- check the installed JRE
Java 7 does not work with the official Sikuli versions r905/r930

It must be the official Oracle JRE 6 32-Bit (if you do not want to fiddle around)
Running java -version from command line must say, that it is 1.6.0_xx
where xx shold be a number beyond 35
Standard installation folder
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6 (or C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jre6 on 64Bit Win)

If you have Java 7 and Java 6 on your machine and really need Java 7, then look faq 2220 for a solution

--- check the installed Sikuli
recommended: X-1.0rc3 r930
Standard installation folder
C:\Program Files\Sikuli X\ (or C:\Program Files(x86)\SikuliX\ on 64Bit Win)

--- to set/change System Path and Environment:
Systemsettings -> System -> Extended -> Environmentvariables

--- check and set System path
When on a command line the command < set > should show a PATH containing these 2 entries (among others ;-)
(accordingly for Win 64Bit)
C:\Program Files\Sikuli X\libs
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin
If not, make sure they are there.
If you have your stuff somewhere else, you have to adjust these accordingly

it is recommended to have in environment:
SIKULI_HOME=C:\Program Files\Sikuli X\ (accordingly for Win 64Bit)
A MUST: the trailing \
If you have your stuff somewhere else, you have to adjust these accordingly

--- now make the following base test
on a command line run the following
java -jar "%SIKULI_HOME%sikuli-script.jar" -i

(the -i is a lowercase I like Interactive ;-)

this should open an interactive Sikuli Jython session, where you can enter any Jython statements
you have to press enter after each line and watch the printout.
The comments need not be entered ;-)

This checks the most critical feature (taking snapshots):

# starts an interactive snapshot
img = capture()

# prints the filename of the image file located in a temp folder
print img

If there are any errors, then they should be visible in the command window.
If you need further help, come back with a question pasting the error messages in the post.

If this works, you should delete the following entry in the registry completely and restart the system:

Then use Sikuli-IDE.bat or Sikuli-IDE-w.bat (no command window stays open) to start the IDE.

The IDE should work now. If not, post a question with as much information as possible.

The faq 1766 contains some more information on this fu..... situation ;-)