Windows 7 / Vista: UAC prevents Sikuli from clicking and typing

Created by RaiMan on

Some programs block Sikuli actions like click and type:
- Microsoft Management Console windows
- some games
- you may find others

A possible reason:
UAC (User Account Control) is a new security feature introduced with Vista and optimized with Win7, which allows to restrict many actions to a defined level of rights.
You might google for more information (windows 7 +uac +programs).
A good start is

If you face this problem, run Sikuli with administrator privileges and test, wether it works now.

On Windows 7 I have tested this successfully with the mmc-windows and a game.

You might also implement a task with the task planner, that only runs by request and acquires full privileges on run. To run this afterwards, make a link on the desktop containing
%Windir%\System32\schtasks.exe /run /TN "Taskname"