[RC3] start up problems --- IDE does not run --- different symptoms

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*** as a first step
download the latest rc3 build from http://www.sikuli.org/download.html

Windows: unzip the download and copy the content of the contained Sikuli-IDE folder to the program folder Sikuli X

Make sure, you have installed the newest original Sun/Oracle Java JRE ( MUST be Java 6 ! ).
On Windows you need the 32-Bit Version on ALL systems.

--- Check on Windows:

-- make sure, your system path contains these 2 entries:

-- make sure SIKULI_HOME is set
the environment variable should be set as
where the trailing \ is mandatory!

-- when using Sikuli-IDE.exe (installed shortcut on desktop)
Try out Sikuli-IDE-w.bat or Sikuli-IDE.bat (command line window stays open - more information)


Some people are facing problems when trying to start the Sikuli IDE after upgrading from rc2 to rc3.

Some of these problems seem to be related to the new feature, that saves the IDE window position/size and the opened scripts, when the IDE is terminated. At restart the IDE window is restored and the scripts are reopened.

Some problems are related to the fact, that images cannot be found anymore (different reasons) at startup. (fixed in r931)

e.g. type("image.png")
This confuses the IDE. It thinks that this code meant there was a screenshot with the file name "image.png" in the .sikuli directory. But there is not. This is just a string telling Sikuli to type into a dialog box.
Changing the code to type("image%spng" % ".") fixes things.

*** This situation is accepted as a bug and a fix will be available with the next version. You might have a look at the nightly builds, where you can download a preversion of the upcoming release at any time, after the fix is realized (http://sikuli.org/hudson/).

Anyway it is always a good idea, to have la ook at these builds in the next time.

Meanwhile you can try the following before trying to start the IDE:

on Mac: delete the org.sikuli.ide.plist in ~/Library/Preferences
or use on command line:
defaults write org.sikuli.ide '/org/sikuli/ide/' -dict-add "IDE_SESSION" -string ';'

on Windows:
- use Sikuli-IDE.bat to start Sikuli
- before delete the registry branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\org\sikuli\ide\

this is related to the bugs and questions:
bug 851754
bug 851833 (fixed in X-1.0 preversion)

*** one more thing:
When quitting the IDE, make sure, that all tabs are closed - do not leave any scripts opened when quitting the IDE