[RC3] [HowTo] Use Sikuli with Eclipse, NetBeans, Jython, plain JAVA, ...

Created by RaiMan on on 2011-01-11
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RaiMan on on 2013-05-18

*** This FAQ is based on the features of Sikuli X-1.0rc2 ***

Here you can find a detailed description on Python scripting in other IDE's using Sikuli features:

Look here, if you want to use Sikuli in Java programs:

---------- general Requirements

-- have the actual Java RE installed

-- install Sikuli in its standard place
    Windows: path-to-sikuli\libs and path-to-java\jre6\bin must be in system path
    -- this is automatically done by the installer
    -- with zipped version: %PATH%: do it yourself, use %SIK_HOME% to point to Sikuli
   Mac: Sikuli-IDE.app in /Applications is sufficient, no need to put it elsewhere
   Linux: make your decision where to install and set up $PATH to contain path-to-sikuli\libs

----------- General Requirements to run Sikuli from within an IDE like NetBeans, Eclipse, ...

-- path-to-sikuli\sikuli-script.jar in its standard place has to be in Java class path

-- when using Jython (e.g. as IDE Python plugin):
    path-to-sikuli\sikuli-script.jar\Lib has to be in Python sys.path

-- interested in using Jython 2.5.2: https://answers.launchpad.net/sikuli/+question/141302

-- in Java: import org.sikuli.script.*;
-- in Jython: from sikuli.Sikuli import *

---------- use sikuli-script.jar from commandline

everything you need is documented here: