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Asked by GuodongYu on 2018-03-26

Dear all siesta users:

I am using siesta with netcdf lib. But siesta output the netcdf3 format file. Can siesta can output netcdf4 one, or how to convert netcdf3 to netcdf4? Thanks

Guodong Yu

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Nick Papior (nickpapior) said : #1

1) Compiling with NetCDF-4 support requires -DNCDF -DNCDF_4 pre-processor flags
2) The NetCDF-4 output files are only generated if CDF.Save is true.
3) If you want to convert a NetCDF-3 to NetCDF-4 using compression
    nccopy -d 3 -s
(this is also explicitly mentioned in the manual).

For further details I refer to the siesta manual.

NOTE the NetCDF-4 output files are only implemented in siesta-4.1 and above.

GuodongYu (ibeam) said : #2

Thanks, I converted the file to netcdf4 formate, and it was read by python-netcdf4 package. But I can found the Hamiltonian and overlap data.

It shows me like this (Maybe I goes to wrong place for getting the data):
( is the netcdf4 converted from file)

In [9]: f = Dataset('')

In [10]: v = f.variables

In [11]: v['h']
<type 'netCDF4._netCDF4.Variable'>
float32 h(scf_step, nspin, nnzs)
    Description: Hamiltonian (in Ry)
unlimited dimensions: scf_step
current shape = (0, 1, 749)
filling off

Does It mean nothing useful data inside or I need to deal with it further ?

Many thanks


Nick Papior (nickpapior) said : #3

1) Python-netcdf4 is capable of reading the file even if it is a netcdf3 file. No need to bother with converting to netcdf-4
2) The stored Hamiltonian is the sparse matrix.

GuodongYu (ibeam) said : #4

Thanks, maybe I don't find the right way to extract the data I want, I need to learn more about netcdf file.

GuodongYu (ibeam) said : #5

Hi Nick,

I tried to read it, but I can't
the command
v['h'][:] (following the last email from me) gives array([], shape=(0, 1, 749), dtype=float32), it seems that nothing inside. Can you give me some materials to read it. Many thanks.


Nick Papior (nickpapior) said : #6

Please consult the netcdf-package documentation.

However, You probably don't have SaveHS, because shape=(0,1,749) which means it isn't populated. (a size 0 means no elements).

GuodongYu (ibeam) said : #7

Thanks Nick, It works now.