[DEV] Merge merge-request for new FEATURE

Created by Nick Papior on on 2016-02-19


You may also follow the guidelines in https://answers.launchpad.net/siesta/+faq/2748 in _exactly_ the same manner if you wish to make local incremental changes/features.

As a maintainer you have the exclusivity to merge merge-requests into the trunk.

To do this you *must* perform these steps:

1. Mark the merge as "Accepted" so that other maintainers know that you are in the process of performing a merge.
2. "cd" to your local branch of siesta/trunk
3. Perform a "bzr pull" to ensure you are at the HEAD of the branch.
4. Perform the actual merge:
    bzr merge lp:<branch information from merge webpage>
Create a log of the commit message describing the code changes. You may request a short message from the merge-requestee.
5. Push merge to the trunk.
    bzr push lp:siesta