[DEV] Merge merge-request for BUGFIX

Created by Nick Papior on on 2016-02-19


You may also follow the guidelines in https://answers.launchpad.net/siesta/+faq/2747 in _exactly_ the same manner if you wish to make bug-fixes.
It may be advantageous to create bug-reports as you find bugs as that also makes them publicly known.

As a maintainer you have the exclusivity to merge merge-requests into the trunk.

To do this you *must* perform these steps:

1. Mark the merge as "Accepted" so that other maintainers know that you are in the process of performing a merge.
2. "cd" to your local branch of siesta/rel-X.Y (the release branch that the bug-fix was forked from)
3. Perform a "bzr pull" to ensure you are at the HEAD of the branch.
4. Perform the actual merge:
    bzr merge lp:<branch information from merge webpage>
Create a log of the commit message describing the code changes. You may request a short message from the merge-requestee.
5. Push merge to the trunk.
    bzr push lp:siesta/rel-X.Y
6. Often the bug is also present in the trunk code. If this is the case you also must perform the following steps. If not you may skip the remaining steps.
7. cd trunk, bzr pull
8. Merge the rel-X.Y
   bzr merge ../rel-X.Y
9. Fix any inconsistencies and commit.
10. Make the merge public:
   bzr push lp:siesta