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Asked by jissouille

I would like to use shutter-editor (drawing tool) as my default image viewer since this is by *far* the best simple image editor on linux.
I currently launch shutter then open the image then click on edit. I'd like to open (in edit mode preferably) directly from nautilus or thunderbird.
Thanks for this very neat software gem.

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Mario Kemper (Romario) (mario-kemper) said :

This is not planned for the future, but you might want to take a look at
the pinta project:


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jissouille (jcboggio) said :

Thanks for answering and for the link. Interesting.

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John Jaarsveld (joja) said :

Hello Mario,

I also like the Shutter-editor , and would like to use it just like jissouille mentioned. Unfortunally, I am not a programmer, so I can't build a branch myself, but I'll be keeping an eye on Shutter to see if somebody else will.

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Badcam (kiwicameron+launchpad) said :

I too would like the same option. All I need to do is take a screen and have the default (which is what it should be Editor open, make my changes save it and upload the changes to a site. That would save so much time.

Please implement this.

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Badcam (kiwicameron+launchpad) said :

I too would love to have this option. This Editor has everything I need when it comes to editing photos. It's simple, has fantastic tools and should be turned into a standalone program. I'd love to have it added to my Open with menu. PLEASE.

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Mario Kemper (Romario) (mario-kemper) said :

Not planned currently - maybe when I have more time during semester

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ruben (rlvargas) said :

Bump! I found this request while looking for a way to set up Shutter built-in editor as the default image editor. As already said above, Shutter built-in editor is the best tool for simple image editing, like adding comments, highlight or hide an image area, cropping, drawing lines, arrows, shapes, adding icons and text. It is really a pity one can't open it in "editor" mode. I even almost don't use the screen capture functionality. I have it installed for simple/quick image editing.

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Vaclav Petras (wenzeslaus) said :

Can anyone from the project comment on the current state of running Shutter editor independently? Shutter is great, the editor is awesome too and I'm indeed using the editor (also) independently, so I would like to start just the editor.

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Istvan (istvanabadszarka) said :

I would like to join the others before me. It would be very nice to be able to use the editor as a separate program. I have pinta, but I just like this editor much better.

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Ari (ari-lp) said :

Thanks for sharing this hack, Mike. I've been looking for a way to use Shutter's editor directly for a while now and this does the job pretty well.

The only issue I ran into at the start was that the script wouldn't find I think it was trying to find it in the PATH, which of course wouldn't work when executed from a local folder. To fix this I simply replaced




in line 3.

Aside from that, the editor keeps asking whether to save unsaved changes when closing the window, even if there are no unsaved changes present. I can live with that for now though.

To the Shutter team: I'd still love to see this feature implemented into your app. Shutter's screenshot editor is the best simple image mark-up tool available on Linux right now. Nothing comes even close in terms of usability. It would be a fantastic addition to Shutter if you added a command-line switch to invoke the editor directly on supported files.

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Sadi Yumuşak (sa-yu) said :

I've also come here while looking for a way to use the built-in editor of Shutter directly to edit images.
Unfortunately, the 3-year-old link for the hacked version by Mike is nolonger available either.
Can someone - for instance, Ari - kindly upload it again please?
Or is it no longer working due to system upgrades, as Shutter itself is at version 0.94 now?