Selection application takes very long to show up.

Asked by John Kennedy on 2015-01-23

I am a user of Shutter. I just built a new computer (AMD A10 with 16 GB RAM) with Linux Mint 17.1-MATE. I installed Shutter, but when I choose any of the capture options (selection, window, or desktop) it takes very long for the tool to pop up. In fact, the selection window (with the cross-hairs) takes almost a minute to appear. In past and on my laptop (Linux Mint 17.1 with Xfce) it appears right after you click on the tool choice. I have removed/uninstalled it many times through the software center, synaptic, command line, and direct download from the the Shutter site.; always with the same results (45-60 second delay on the selection tool). Once the tool is up, the capture works just like it is supposed to as does the editing process. It's just waiting forever for the tool to appear. Any ideas why this would be happening? Thanks, John

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John Kennedy (jakenn2008) said : #1

For someone that has this problem in the future, the solution turned out to be changing the video driver in Linux. When I first checked the additional drivers for any recommendation for video with my new OS, it said I was using the recommended driver. So I left that alone. After trying other things and even reinstalling the operating system (only to find the problem was still there), I went back to the additional drivers and chose the one that said "AMD graphics acceleration update". Once I switched from the "recommended" to the one that sounded right, Shutter selection option opens right away. So just because something tells you that you're using the recommend one, doesn't always mean it is the best/right one.