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Asked by Gottfried Palinkas on 2010-04-09

how/where can I define "background color" ? Using Shutter (0.86.1) on 2 different Thinkpads. In general works smoothly on both running Ubuntu 9.10 (differences in screen resolution, CPU and OS language). Issue on one Thinkpad: whenever I run a plugin, for example the 3D rotation and background of the picture is changed to black when saving the file. Within Shutter anything looks good with transparent background. But save file and open it in another application (for example import into a OpenOffice Document) looks ugly.

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You are using a filetype that supports transparency (e.g. png), do you?

Gottfried Palinkas (gottfried) said : #2

sorry, try to answer via email, but Launpad reported "An error occurred while processing a mail you sent to Launchpad's email
interface." which I find right now ... However:

Yes, I do, PNG is always prefered format. Made also a test, capture screen with Shutter on TP1, run plugin, save as PNG, copy it on TP2 and backgound still is transparent. But when I make same procedure on TP2 (same fileformat, same plugin of course) background get black.

That sounds weird. I can't reproduce this here, but I'll try...

Btw, are there any error messages displayed? Could you please launch
Shutter via terminal using the --debug parameter, redo the steps you've
described above and attach the output here?

Thanks for your help

Gottfried Palinkas (gottfried) said : #4

This is really weird. Even I can't reproduce this anymore... all plugins work as expected, either in gthumb or in OpenOffice background is transparent.

The only change I'm aware which may have influence: I'd played a little bit with "appearance" (different themes/background).

Great ;-)
Thanks for letting us know.