Any way to change text color or darkness

Asked by Jay Davis on 2012-02-15

  I upgraded recently and went to add animals to the database. I searched for an animal and retrieved it
and went to entry details or vet screen . Any text that is retrieved and populated in Name or address under vet or details
is so light as to be unreadable. Is there any place to adjust the text color or boldness. I have tried it in 2 different browsers and the local program that connects to my server and they are all the same.
Thanks , Jay

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Robin Rawson-Tetley
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You could select a different UI look and feel - go to
Preferences->Settings, it's the dropdown just below locale.


Jay Davis (jfd3) said : #2

I tried that and it has no effect on the display. I have tried it on the web version I am using and also the java web start version. The help pages at this url look exactly like mine The pre filled in items are light on the help page display also. That is exactly what mine is doing. I have tried it on Chrome and Firefox and it doesnt change the look. My previous version was almost a year old so I dont know when it stopped working but I cant see the entries on this version 2.8.9
   Thanks, Jay

Those fields are the owner link fields - they're light in colour
because they aren't editable. That's not changeable, but you
should still be able to read them? Older versions shouldn't have
been any different?

I agree though, and it's something that's always bothered me so
I've just put up a development build with them changed to more
readable labels.

Get it from


Jay Davis (jfd3) said : #4

Ahhhh... Yes much better now. I understand making them different as they are not editable but they were unreadable.
   I dont know why all of a sudden I seemed to notice. I guess the upgrade made me look for something different and that struck me as a bit different even though it existed before. A shaded background or the bold is fine without the box around the entry works too.
   I dont understand the preferences>look and feel option. It seems to have no affect on my display and all the icons look the same no matter what I set it at.
     I have enjoyed the program for years for all my rescue cats and I also show my Household pet rescues at cat shows and this gives me the ability on the road to pull up health records and rabies proof as well as for allowing me to keep records in case anything happens to me. I also use it to keep track of their show records and titles they win.
 At least whoever takes care of them will have their pictures and vet records. Thanks much for providing a great program.
Maybe somewhere down the line the ability to change the text color or fields might be something to look at or even a way to customize a template for it.
  Thanks much , Jay

ASM is designed to try and fit in where possible with the system
look and feel.

If you have a Mac, then they will all be ignored as Java uses the
Mac styling.

If you use Windows, the Platform Look and Feel will use the
colours from your selected Windows theme.

Metal and Metal/GTK are for Unix machines that don't have a
single platform theme. They use the standard Java Metal LAF.

ASM3 throws away all the native UI in favour of a web browser UI,
which is compatible with tablets as well as normal machines and
fully themable.


Jay Davis (jfd3) said : #6

  Wow that sounds great as I was planning on getting a tablet. I want to use it while Im at the show to keep my records and I can have their medical records handy in case of emergency on the road. I use windows most of the time and will try my Linux box and see if it looks different.
  I definitely look forward to that release and if you need beta testers id be happy to try it out. Thanks again for the program as it has been a great way to track all my rescue cats and I can leave the logon with my pet sitter and give her read access and she can use it to get their pictures and records in case she has to take them to the vet while im on the road.
  Much thanks again for the help .

Jay Davis (jfd3) said : #7

Thanks Robin Rawson-Tetley, that solved my question.

It's currently in alpha test on -
signup for an account and you can have it now! It also has a
smartphone interface for Android/iPhones, the perfect thing for
your sitter :)

(shameless plug)



Jay Davis (jfd3) said : #9

  I definitely like the Android App for my pet sitter idea. Ill have to keep a close eye on it and thanks for the suggestion. It will work out perfectly for her as she can show them the medical history I have for the cat. Wonderful idea and look forward to being able to let her use it . Ill feel much better on the road knowing they will be cared for totally now.