What's the best way to navigate within a line?

Asked by Justin Hellings

Edit: This question had been called "Can I change delimeters for Ctrl left/right navigation?" but I changed the name to be more general.

When navigating text using the the Ctrl and arrow keys, the caret stops at underscores embedded in symbols. An example: Starting with the caret at the beginning of this symbol


I would have to press <ctrl>+right 4 times to jump to the end.

Conversely, navigating this way will not always stop at a space character, An example: Starting with the caret at the beginning of this line

    'value' => $value,

<ctrl>+right would take the caret to after the first 'e', then to after the second 'e', and then to the next line.

Are there any within-line navigation features that I might have missed? I've scoured the keyboard shortcuts list. Alternatively is it possible to configure this behaviour?

If this behaviour has been chosen as ideal then I would be interested in knowing the rationale. I'm open-minded about this kind of thing while at the same time being aware that the other text editors I've used would have behaved similarly to each other and differently from Scribes.

Thanks in advance for any help or explanation.

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Mystilleef (mystilleef) said :

This behavior is not configurable. I can't remember the rationale for the algo I used. I do know it is somewhat buggy. I might revisit it when I rewrite Scribes.

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Justin Hellings (justin-hellings) said :

Thanks for the reply. That answers my question.

I'm evaluating Scribes as an alternative to Vim (as I sometimes I find the console nature of Vim frustrating) but I think I'm now addicted to Vim's navigation mechanisms.