How to get <alt>c to place the comment symbol at zero indent?

Asked by Brian Ealdwine on 2011-12-22

Since bug #724426, it seems scribes always places the comment just before the text begins when you comment out a block. Is there a way to change this behaviour back to placing it on the far left?

Example, after <alt>c:
(I don't know how to preformat this)

#def foo():

#def foo():
# pass

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Brian Ealdwine
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Mystilleef (mystilleef) said : #1

That used to be the behavior but I changed it because of a feature request and another reason I can't remember. So there's no way to change this behavior.

Brian Ealdwine (eode) said : #2

ah. Would it be reasonable to put in a change request that makes it configurable?

Mystilleef (mystilleef) said : #3

Only if there's a good reason other than personal preference.

Brian Ealdwine (eode) said : #4

Ah. That's too bad. It's just a coding habit -- comments that are supposed to be in the stream of code itself, I keep indented, but when a code block is commented out temporarily, or is pending removal, I comment out directly on the left column -- because it is more obviously a 'block'. I suppose I'll just start using triple-quotes to comment things out in those cases.

..thanks for all your work. :-) Scribes is a great editor by and large.