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Asked by Tiede on 2008-05-22

Since screenlets are now available without compiz, I have decided to start using them (can't make compiz work with my Sis Graphics card)
I am aware of the fact that in compiz, there is a "show desktop" plugin that would make screenlets not hide on showdesktop, among other such options such as 'Skip Task bar', having a widget layer and using F9, and so on and so forth.
My problem is that these are compiz-specific options. I was wondering if any body has a work-around to make the screenlets not hide on a normal desktop without compiz enabled?
i.e, on a desktop without compiz, (GNOME), I click on the show desktop icon.
Expected behavior: Desktop is shown with widgets on it (à la gdesklets)
Current behavior: My screenlets disappear.

 --Note that I have said work-around and not fix, since I am aware that this is a current bug (in launchpad if I am not wrong) and that a proper fix is not available yet.
Also note that right-clicking a screenlet and choosing Window->Widget does not do anything. (inasmuch as if does not make said screenlet stop disappearing as expected).
Thanks for any insight provided hereafter.

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Helder Fraga (whise) said :

i already answerd you , however i hope you find a solution to

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Tiede (marcarthur) said :

My bad, I didn't get to your post under the bug report.

Well, at least I now know the 'why' of the problem...
Anyways, referring to your observation about WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_DOCK, since I am only looking for a workaround (as I previously mentioned), I wouldn't mind it if drag/move was disabled after setting the screenlets as such. i.e, I can just move everything where I want, and then apply said attribute...
(obviously, I don't really know what I am talking about, and maybe I am getting the whole "will break drag and move" sentence completely wrong).
But just in case I am not, how do I go about setting that attribute to my screenlets? And can it be done globally?
Thanks again.

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Helder Fraga (whise) said :





save and install :)

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Fabio Marzocca (thesaltydog) said :

which is the file to be edited for this workaround?

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fabioxxxx (fabioxxxx) said :

Ubuntu Hardy

vi /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/screenlets/
change to line :614 and uncomment

restart screenlets

can't find it ? you can try
locate screenlet | grep screenlets/
a freesh install of screenlet may require a updatedb

Thanks for the workaround guys , finally ... goodbye gdesklets XD
This should be in the screenlets FAQ

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