request to preview installation instructions on Fedora / CentOs

Asked by mercurius on 2008-12-09

All I see is installation instructions for Ubuntu.
Can you provide installations steps for Fedora and/or CentOs ?

As ict-coördinator i'm working for a group of schools (19 in total)
They all use CentOs as linux system.

Thanks in advance,

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Tom Hoffman
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

It is possible to do a source install on Fedora --

But, frankly, it would require a lot of know-how to keep it running in production. We simply do not have the capacity to create and support a second set of packages at this time.

I recommend running SchoolTool on an Ubuntu instance on a virtual machine, which is a good idea for security reasons anyhow.

mercurius (droels) said : #2

Hmmm.... source install sounds ok to me.
However, when i look into the link it's all about development. And that's something i don't know anything of it.
It all sounds a bit complex too.

Can't you have a separate page with the last stable source? A tarball for example.
Then, anyone could download the source, compile it on whatever their system is, and of they go.

At this moment, using virtual machines is just a bit over the top for our teachers.
Our team already used a lot of effort and lobbying to switch from windows to linux in our schools.
If we come up now with another linux and virtual machines... I'm sure they will shoot us :-(((


Best Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

Here's the thing: we're trying to give you a student information system -- this is something that will be absolutely mission critical to the functioning of your school -- that there is some plausible chance that you can install and have it just work. For years, including sane upgrade procedures, etc., with just a couple developers that may never come within 1000 miles of many schools they service or even know who is using the product.

*Maybe* we can do this for one OS stack. We can't do it for two. If other people come along who can support other platforms, that will be fantastic. If we spend all our time trying to create and support multiple versions of our beta, we'll never get to 1.0.

If you can use a virtual machine or a separate physical machine running Ubuntu, that will of course be invisible to your users. They'll just know they're using a web interface.

Ignas Mikalajūnas (ignas) said : #4

We would do full source tarballs, but as we are using Zope3 and a bunch of other libraries such a thing would take a lot of time and effort to assemble...

bzr branch stapp2008fall

and "make run" in the checkout should be enough to get a schooltool instance running.

Though - it will be using nightly builds of all the packages, is prone to breakage and can eat your data...

SchoolTool is a web application, so teachers don't have to know how and where it was installed anyway...

mercurius (droels) said : #5

Ok, I will try and see what it gives.

Thanks anyway,