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Asked by Susanne on 2016-01-20


I have resently installed schooltool on our ubuntu serrver. We are a small montessori school with kids from 6 to 13 years. Schooltool is just what we need, but after using a lot of time on registering skills and importing them with xls(saved me a lot of time! :) ), I discovered that i couldent change the scoresystem. Is this something I can do in the xls file? I tried to make a new scoresystem called competensy, and hide the old one, but the skills still have the original competensy scoresystem. Then I tried to change the skillsytem on the skill inside of schooltool, but that was not an option.. Its over 100 skillsets with more then 700 skills, so I would rather not have to input it manually in schooltool..


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Best Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

Hi Susanne,

Ah, you're lucky. There is a "hidden" column for the score system to the right of the Deprecated column -- so column J. Does that match the layout of your sheet?

You designate the ID of the score system for each skill, so if it is all the same you can just paste into all 700 and reimport.

Let me know if that works for you.

Susanne (seb1987) said : #2

Perfekt! Thanks! this will save me hours of work :D
Yes, it accepts that I type in the J column. but I keep getting D2-4 has an invalid scoresystem(i have typed what i think is the scoresystem id in the column J2-4).. Where can i find the scoresystem id?

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

Ah, yes, that's a little bug too. Go to Score Systems (under School), click on the one you want, and look at the end of the url. It should look something like In this case "my-scores" would be the ID. Whatever is after the last / should go in column J.

Let me know if that works.

Susanne (seb1987) said : #4

That worked! Thank you so much! :D

Susanne (seb1987) said : #5

Thanks Tom Hoffman, that solved my question.