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Asked by Kelly on 2015-08-28

Hello. I've been using School Tool for years, but not to its full potential. This year, my team of teachers and I decided that we would add "Attributes" to our gradebooks so that if we didn't have time to grade all of our piles of turned in assignments immediately, the parents would still get real-time info by seeing whether or not an assignment was turned in on time. We added an attribute to our gradebooks called "OK," and we wanted to check this box for turned in assignments. We all added it, and it shows up in everyone's gradebook except for mine. My gradebook looks exactly the same as it ever did, and I'm only allowed to add grades to each kid's assignment--no checking off whether the assignment is turned in or not.

Can someone help? What did I do wrong? At first, I setup my gradebook, added assignments, and then added the attribute. When that didn't work, I started all over, setting up the gradebook, adding the attribute, and THEN adding the assignments. It didn't change anything.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. School starts in 4 days and I'm stressing!

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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

I believe this is a question about, not (they're completely different projects).

Kelly (kelly-hobbins) said : #2

Thanks! I had no idea!

Kelly (kelly-hobbins) said : #3

Thanks! I had no idea!