Can't view attendance by period?

Asked by Megan Ross on 2015-08-10

Our school is using the journal to track attendance for every period that a student is registered. So for example, Student X rotates through six different classes throughout the day and has attendance taken six times. All students use the same six period schedule.

The problem is that when logged in as a clerk or even site manager, the journal view simply shows the period as a blank (regardless of which combination of groups or instructors is selected) and so the attendance cells also remain blank. It seems to me that to view attendance for Student X throughout the day an administrator would need to pull up his calendar and then click through each section journal to see the section attendance. Is there some way to see a single student's attendance across all the sections/periods he is enrolled in for the day? I feel like I must be missing something obvious!

(As an aside it would also be nice is there was some way to add course/section filters to the master journal.. To accomplish something like this we have created a "master teacher" to add as an instructor to every section of every course -- but again I could also just be missing something!)

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Tom Hoffman
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

There definitely could be more views/reports associated with attendance. Have you tried the student detail report (from the main student view)?

Megan Ross (tr-megan-ais) said : #2

Hi Tom,

We have tried the "student detail" report, however this lists the total number of absences for the student in each class for the school year but not which days they were absent. The "absences by day" report that is generated under School Year will display which periods all absent students missed on a particular day, but since the report does not list any other information for the student other than their name it makes finding these students a somewhat laborious process (our current attendance system requires that all absences are logged as unexcused by instructors, and then changed to excused by the appropriate administrator when applicable).

The "master teacher" stopgap that I mentioned in the original post is somewhat working for this purpose. An administrator logged in as the "master teacher" can see at a glance how many unexcused absences all students have in each section, then modify as necessary, however I'm just trying to determine if there is another way to accomplish this that we've simply missed.

Thanks for your help so far.

Best Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

Yes, ultimately we just need to add that report. Just the set of what seems like "basic" reports is surprisingly large.

Megan Ross (tr-megan-ais) said : #4

Thanks Tom Hoffman, that solved my question.