Is it possible to have a report card with outline items only?

Asked by Vadim Peretokin on 2015-07-07

If I try to have a report card generated without any grid items and outline items only, I get a "There is no report card layout defined for this year" error.

The issue with having a grid item is that they aren't used, and when 12 courses & 12 sections are defined, there's a big table in the report that's unnecessary:

Is it possible to have a report card with outline items only?

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Vadim Peretokin
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

It seems to me this is a bug.

Douglas Cerna (replaceafill) said : #2

I don't get the layout error if there's only outline items in the layout. Do you Tom?

I do agree that we should hide the empty courses table.

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin) said : #3

Okay - I'll convert it to a bug.

My report card layout without a grid item starts out like this: and I get this when trying to generate it:

Douglas Cerna (replaceafill) said : #4

Are you running the latest Gradebook release (

You can check as manager in the Server tab.

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin) said : #5

Running latest available in PPA at time of 2.8.4 release -

schooltool 2.8.4
schooltool.cando 2.8.2
schooltool.gradebook 2.8.4
schooltool.intervention 2.7.0

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin) said : #6

Okay I'm not sure why apt didn't upgrade schooltool.gradebook and only schooltool, if that was fixed there I'll try that out later today.

Douglas Cerna (replaceafill) said : #7

Yeah. It was reported and fixed later that day (See comments #2-#5 in

Sorry about the trouble.

Vadim Peretokin (vperetokin) said : #8

Aha, thanks. It worked, although it still printed the empty courses - when I'm only interested in outline content:

What would you recommend I do?