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Asked by Linda Gruss on 2014-07-09

Please bare with me as I try to explain the problem, & give as many details to explain. (Basically I'm trying to export report cards, with course averages for each student)

My school has a 4week session for summer school. Now that the 4weeks is up, the head teacher is requesting report cards. I've been able to click on Gradebook, choose a Section and perform a Gradebook Export, and a Printable worksheet. However, I would like to export (at one time) ALL student report cards. (not by section, but by student).
When I go to School, Group < Students and click on Student Report Card, no grades are exported. Items that are listed are student name, and a list of courses. I'm wondering why the grades are not showing up. It does not look like your sample:

I know this must have to do with the fact that I have not deployed a report sheet. However, I do have a Report Sheet Template, setup with the title Summer2014, with 5 Report Activities (Week 1, Week 2, 3, 4 and Overall). And teachers can go to Gradebook and enter grades. They see the following tabs for their Section (Sheet1, Week2, Week3, Week4, Summary).
I'm not sure why the Gradebook has different options (Sheet 1 as opposed to Week 1, and Summary as opposed to Overall). And how is it that teachers can enter these grades, when I did not deploy a report sheet?

Also, if I go to School and look at Report Card Layout, nothing is listed. There are no grids and no outlines. However, if I try to add outlines or grids I do not have the option of choosing week 1, 2, etc. My only options are Absent or Tardy.

I'm worried that if I deploy a report sheet now, then all the grades and weeks that the teachers have listed could be affected.

Some background: Setting SchooTool up, I added a School Year and then checked the boxes to copy members (copy data from active school year). Then I went to School and clicked on School Export and added all the additional info. Does any of those steps have to do with why I can't export grades?

Can you tell me what I can do to get a report card? And if I didn't set it up appropriately from the start?
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

The problem seems to be the mysterious worksheets in your teacher gradebooks. Sheet1 is created by default, so there is a blank sheet to start with (that you can delete or rename). The Summary tab can be added by clicking on Settings: Worksheets and then selecting Create summary worksheet. The Summary worksheet just includes one column for each of the existing worksheets and displays the average for each one. This may or not actually be useful in your case.

The mystery is where Week2, Week3, and Week4 came from. Did the users create them manually? Are there any activities? They also could have been created as course worksheets: which would explain why they are automatically appearing.

Creating a report sheet should not under any circumstances create a tab/worksheet for each activity in the report sheet. If you deploy the Summer2014 sheet, it should appear as a Summer2014 tab with five columns.

Having not deployed the worksheet, it should not be available in the report card layout, as you have seen.

Does any of that shed any light?

Linda Gruss (lgruss) said : #2

That is helpful. Thank you Tom! (and I am impressed with your fast response!)

I talked with the teachers and they DID create their own "week 1, week 2, etc." within Gradebook. (They were not copied from the previous year).
So for next year, I guess in order to prevent this report card issue, I will need to deploy the template, and then those weeks from the template will be seen in each section in Gradebook. Is that correct?

I'm thinking that doing so now, would only mean that the teachers would need to re-enter all the grades. Having talked this through I know we will be better prepared for next year.

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

The basic model for the gradebook/report card system is that the teachers will have sheets that they use to record day to day grades and calculate the end of term grade, and then enter the end of term grade in the report sheet.

When you deploy the report sheet, it adds the report sheet with the columns you've defined in the template, to each section's sheet.

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