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Asked by James Moore on 2014-02-26

I like to be able to edit the default (school's) calendar to reflect event of interest to general public, e.g. Science fair on March 20th; back to school night; 4 grade field trip.


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James Moore
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #1

Do you mean add events to the school calendar or some other kind of listing?

James Moore (n41076jem-2) said : #2

Hi Tom,

add events to the main school calendar. I do not see any way to edit it, accept when it is created. When created I can only show what days school is open and when school is closed. It would be nice to display the academic year.

I hope this help you understand my issue.

I am still getting schooltool stood up, and you my just be dealing with a dumb end user who needs to FTFM*

Jim Moore

* Read The F*&%ing Manual

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

I am well familiar with RTFM, Jim. ;-)

If you log in as a clerk (i.e., Default Manager in 2.6), you can just click on the calendar (i.e. and create an event.

There are a lot of somewhat low-hanging fruit that we could and should add to the calendar. The calendar also has a long and checkered history, and there is some functionality that has been lost over the years, which also makes it confusing because there are some places where it SEEMS like you should be able to do certain things, but inexplicably can't. That's mostly because things have been lost along the way.

Basically, we had to stop working on the calendar and write the rest of the app at a certain point, but hopefully we'll find time to tie up some of the loose ends this year.

James Moore (n41076jem-2) said : #4

Hi Tom

I am locked out of the default manager account. I did create an account that is a member of each group:

School Administrators
Site Managers

I seem to only be able to edit the user's calendar, and not default system calendar. That would be ok if I could displace it on the front page with no one login.

I totally understand about the low-hanging fruit thing. This is a great program and I understand how much work it is to produce.
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Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #5

Hrm... I can do it as a new clerk user on 2.6. Just click on the school calendar? Nothing happens?

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James Moore (n41076jem-2) said : #6

I figured it out! I did realize that the little red box was the key.

I been off for a few days, or I would closed the question sooner