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Asked by aiesha on 2012-07-12


I'm new to this,a beginner. I'm working on this project for a school.
The school's website is done by using Joomla CMS, now the school would like to use SchoolTool as it's Student Information System. I'm assign to do this project...I would obviously have to test all this before on my localhost and see how it works before launching it online. The problem that am currently having is my operating system is windows, hence am using xampp to run my joomla and it works wonderfully ...the question now is how do i use schooltool on that even possible?...I know that it runs on ubuntu....

Do I need 2 server for this? or one is enough?...

Thanks in advance

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SchoolTool is written in python/Zope, so xampp will not help. We do not support running on Windows (though in theory it is possible - but it may take some or a lot of involved work).

It will be easiest if you just install Ubuntu - you can do that on your machine (dual-boot). Or better yet, you can just (if you have a spare USB stick).

João Mota (joaormmota) said : #2

I'm really interested in deploying Schooltool on windows but i don't have any experienci with python/zope.

Can you give some pointers on how to run it in a windows 7 evironment?

Why should it involve a lot of work?

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

Just to get SchoolTool running on Windows is probably not very difficult, as Python is very well supported on Windows. The problem would be getting it to run as a service with the degree of reliability you'd want in production. We don't have any experience with that kind of Windows development at all.

João Mota (joaormmota) said : #4

I don't understand the problem. Is the Zope windows port stability an issue?

Well then ... what are your thoughts on running it on another linux flavour, for example on a raspberry pi (raspbian)?

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #5

Basically, if you know a lot about writing reliable Windows services, then you probably should be able to do it. We just don't know anything about it and can't really help you.

Porting to another Debian-based Linux distribution would be the shortest leap, but Raspberry Pi doesn't, or at least didn't have enough memory. You really want at least half a gig of RAM. We have run SchoolTool on somewhat more powerful Ubuntu ARM devices with no problem.

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