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Asked by Krishna Giri on 2010-05-31

Hi all,
I am going to implement schooltool in about 20 schools in Nepal. Fedora9 is running in all my school servers, so is there a way to install schooltool in fedora machine? If yes, where can I find the rpm package?

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Sadly, no, see http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/system-requirements.html#why-ubuntu-only

If you'd be willing to work on (professionally) packaging (and supporting) RPMs, you may want to contact people at Linux Ink (mostly russian speakers), they did some RPM packaging some time http://www.linux-ink.ru/events/NauLinux_5.3_dop_CD/view?searchterm=schooltool

Krishna Giri (krishna-giri) said : #2

I tried to compile the source in fedora but failed with errors.

I followed the guide at http://book.schooltool.org/htmlhelp/dev_sandbox.html but was really difficult for me to understand and won't work for fedora.

Please help me with some steps to compile the source in fedora. What packages I need before compiling the source?

Steps that I followed
- bzr co lp:schooltool schooltool
- cd schooltool
- make

Here make command ends up with error...

Error: Couldn't install: zope.ucol 1.0.2
make: *** [bin/test] Error 1

Please Help

Tom Hoffman (tom-hoffman) said : #3

To be honest, you would be much better off looking into installing a virtual machine on your Fedora box and installing Ubuntu and SchoolTool on that. It would be very difficult for you to personally support SchoolTool on Fedora.

Ignas Mikalajūnas (ignas) said : #4

The problem in this case is that the helpful "make ubuntu-environment" will not work on fedora. So to compile schooltool on fedora from sources you will have to hand pick all the dependencies required, which involves finding out what Fedora packages are needed to compile lxml, zope.ucol and maybe a couple more packages that need external C libraries to work.

zope.ucol error is probably caused because you don't have libicu-dev or whatever the package is called on Fedora.

Krishna Giri (krishna-giri) said : #5

Well I was trying to install in fedora because my server have no GUI Interface (command line only). So, I was unable to install virtual machine.

>> zope.ucol error is probably caused because you don't have libicu-dev or whatever the package is called on Fedora.

Thanks, Ignas

It was libicu-devel and I successfully complied the source. Now I can run schooltool in my browser.

I still have a problem with " make install". No rules specified in Makefile for installing.

Any suggestion would be very helpful.

Thanks again

Ignas Mikalajūnas (ignas) said : #6

Well, you can't do make install. We use Makefile for development only, so it is not an "installable" instance.

This is a python project, so the usage of Makefile is not-standard in the Unix sense. SchoolTool is trying very hard not to change *anything* in your system (developers might have several versions of schooltool instaled at the same time) so the result of "make" is about as far as it can be from an installable instance as can be, sorry.

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